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Soraya Johnson is a certified life coach in the blue ridge city of Charlottesville, Va. Soraya Johnson is married to Bruce Johnson, her husband of eight years. She is also honored to be the mother to the most beautiful and intelligent 6 year old daughter Mckenzie Solange Johnson. Along with the many hats that she wears, her passion is to help people become the best version of themselves. she is a nurse in the medical field but she believes that she is also the nurse to many inspiring women to help them live a life they desire and deserve. Soraya has coached many women throughout the years and after taking on multiple clients, she realized her passion was in mindset and accountability development. She has built her passion to help purpose-driven women shift their perspectives and beliefs to best fit their desired lifestyle to initiate a discovery of their true identity. After launching in August of 2021 as a life coach, she has devoted her time to give people clarity on what needs to be done and the accountability to make sure they do it. 

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Bruce Johnson, Jr. is blessed to be the husband of our founder Soraya Johnson, and the proud father of miss Mckenzie Johnson. He is a firm believer that everyone has what it takes to live out there god-given purpose, but he also believes some just need support and guidance in accomplishing that purpose. having years of experience as a mentor and pastor to many in different areas of life, he offers a spiritual yet practical approach to his coaching style.